Steve Parish – CEO, TAG Worldwide Group Ltd

"Magenta have a more innovative approach than other PE players we encountered, and struck a chord of partnership from the outset. Against a backdrop of rapid growth, Magenta were able to support us in bringing an increased objectivity to the business and helping define the strategy going forward. We are now well placed to drive the business and continue our geographical expansion in the emerging markets."

Jeremy Dodgson - Director, 333 Solar

"Magenta have been an invaluable resource to the entrepreneurial team we have in place. They have brought structure, process and strong financial analysis to our strategy and execution. They position themselves as real partners in the business, balancing professional input with a relaxed personal style."

Ernesto Suarez - CEO, Halo Insurance Services

"Magenta have been a true partner as I have sought to establish Halo – from the very first meeting they have challenged my assumptions, provided insightful and relevant feedback, and delivered significant value through their extensive networks."

Peter Roberts - CEO, Pure Gym

"We continue to be hugely excited by the opportunities that exist for Pure Gym in its expansion and I am delighted that Magenta, as experienced investors in the sector, are working with us and the Board to deliver our full potential."