Eaton Gate Vigilis

By Chase Emson 8 months ago
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Date Invested March 2018
Sector Financial Services
Geography UK
Deal Team Chase Emson Tom Matthews

What they say

“Given our history and relationship, Magenta were a natural fit when seeking additional funding to support our rapid growth.  Not only have they spent considerable time getting to know the business, but we have already proved that we can work well together to grow a business and capitalise on the opportunities it presents.”

Gary Burke, Founder Eaton Gate Vigilis

More information

Founded in 2016 by serial entrepreneur Gary Burke, EGV is a managing underwriter (MGU) specialising in UK mid-market commercial insurance.  Its well-recognised and highly experienced executive team have created an exciting and unique offering akin to a virtual insurer which has quickly gained traction in the market and is regularly writing policies in excess of £50,000.

Magenta were introduced to EGV in early 2017 and, having worked with Gary Burke previously, dediced to track the business for a number of months until it reached a point where it was suitable for Magenta to invest.

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