At Magenta we seek to be the ideal partner for Entrepreneurs seeking to grow their business. We, our advisors and investors have all founded and grown successful businesses. We won’t know your business better than you, but we have trodden the same path and understand the unique challenge of owning and managing a fast-growing business.


We, our investors, and the members of our Entrepreneurs Club have founded, managed and grown successful venture-backed businesses. We have been in the trenches, with the highs and lows, and we get it.


Partnership is the bedrock of our success. Our relationship with the executive team is absolutely fundamental to our investment decision.


Trust is key to any successful partnership. We are honest, transparent and straight-forward, and we expect the same from the teams we work with.


We have a proven track record of partnering with talented managers in growth businesses and pooling our collective talents to deliver successful outcomes for all stakeholders.

Investment Profile

We look to make equity investments of £5m – £20m and consider both control and minority positions. We can be highly flexible in terms of investment structures.

Company Profile

We back profitable, niche market challengers or leaders with strong organic or M&A growth opportunities.