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Magenta’s founding partners, Tom and Chase, first met on a graduate training programme in 2000. Following subsequent careers spanning venture capital, M&A and private equity, they founded Magenta Partners in 2008 to focus on growth investment opportunities in the SME space.

Having already returned the fund from its first exit, the Magenta team founded the international low cost gym chain Viva Gym in 2012 whilst continuing to manage the rest of the Magenta I portfolio.  In the four years since, Viva Gym has established itself as a market leader in Spain and South Africa, with over 100,000 members and employing over 300 staff.

In 2017, following on from the success of both Fund I and Viva Gym, Magenta closed its second fund.


Bringing a partner into your business is one of the biggest decisions entrepreneurs make. Partnering with Magenta means choosing to work with investment professionals who have also trodden the entrepreneurial path and therefore understand the challenges of managing a fast-growing business. How will you experience this in reality?

Entrepreneurs & Operators

At Magenta, the common DNA is that of entrepreneurship. We, our investors, and the members of our Entrepreneurs Club have founded, managed and grown successful venture-backed businesses. We have been in the trenches and understand the extremes of owning and managing a fast growing business.

Partnership & Teamwork

More than anything else at Magenta, we back managers and know the importance of teamwork based on mutual trust. Our relationship with the executive team is fundamental to our approach and we recognise our responsibilities as partners in the business.

Results for Everyone

We have a proven track record of partnering with talented managers and pooling our collective talents to deliver successful outcomes for ALL stakeholders.


In Magenta the deal-makers are the decision-takers, and the team which makes the investment manages the investment. We don’t look to run your business, we look to agree the strategy, support you as best as we can to achieve it, and maintain a straightforward and honest dialogue throughout.


Trust is key to any successful partnership. We are honest, transparent and straight-forward, and we expect the same from the teams we work with.

Value Add

With over 30 years’ experience investing in growth companies and with an Entrepreneurs Club boasting over £2bn of shareholder value creation, we have a wealth of actual learnings and networks to draw upon to help founders and managers navigate the challenges of growth.


Investment size

Initially £5m-£15m

Growth profile

Organic, rollout, roll-up/M&A, overseas expansion.


Sector agnostic, but we have been most successful in consumer, leisure, business and financial services.

Investment type

Growth capital, MBO, partial sell-downs/recap. Majority and minority positions.

Company type

Profitable niche market challengers or leaders.


Predominantly UK

Our Team


Partnering with Magenta means choosing to work with investment professionals who have trodden the entrepreneurial path and who understand the challenges of managing a fast-growing business.

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Entrepreneurs Club

We are fortunate to be supported by a strong group of advisory entrepreneurs, some of whom we have previously backed.  They assist us with new opportunities as well as working with our portfolio.

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